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Shape shifters

Sunday March 27, 2011
make your brows a stealth weapon, not your arch-enemy. By Natalie Reilly.

tv previews

Monday August 31, 2009
Double Time ABC1, 10.10pm Snake Tales Nine, 10.30am East of Everything ABC1, 7.30pm The Bill ABC1, 8.30pm


Sunday August 17, 2008
ILONA SOPHIE helps you pluck your way to perfect brows.

But Wait, There's A Steak Knife Too

Saturday May 10, 2008
IT'S HARD to be certain over the phone, but one senses creative brows furrowing in earnest contemplation when advertising executives are asked how they would sell Wayne Swan, a not exactly enormously charismatic politician, on the thrilling cusp of his first budget.

Traditional Parade Brings Back Childhood Memories

Tuesday March 11, 2008
AS THE tiny gymnasts clad in sparkling leotards hopped, skipped and cartwheeled down Swanston Street to the beat of Van Halen's Jump, their brows were knitted in concentration. But one, seeing Mum waving from the sidelines, forgot her poise, broke into an enormous grin and pirouetted left when everybody else turned right.

Allo, Allo ... What's Going On With Brambles Shares?

Friday August 17, 2007
THERE are a few furrowed brows among the directors of Brambles after chairman Don Argus and his team took another look at the company's share registry.

The Fab 5 - Brows

Sunday June 3, 2007
Big brows are back, but they need lots of tender loving care, writes Effie Mann.

Top-speller Wins With Heart Stopper

Saturday June 2, 2007
EVAN O'Dorney, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from Danville, California, won the 80th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, capping a day of furrowed brows, shocked expressions and tears poised to spill from the faces of youngsters.

Bow To The Bow

Sunday March 11, 2007
Aussie eyebrow queen Sharon-Lee Hamilton has set up shop in Melbourne. The Sydney-based shaper to the stars opened her first Melbourne salon at the Langham Hotel's Chuan Spa in January. Since opening her Double Bay salon three years ago, Hamilton has gained a cult-like following, plucking the brows of the rich and famous, including Kylie Minogue, Princess Mary and Heidi Klum. Now Melburnians will be able to get some star brow-shaping treatment too. The salon is open Monday to Wednesday from 10am ...

Faked, Forged Or Just Wrong

Tuesday August 8, 2006
PICASSO once said he would happily sign a fake painting if it was "a very good forgery". Head of a Man is undoubtedly very good, but the question of whether it's a real Van Gogh is furrowing brows in the Australian and British art worlds. Will it be the latest in a long line of works found to have been faked, forged or simply misattributed?

Goals From The Heart

Saturday July 8, 2006
Like so many Italian-Australians, Bourke Street's espresso maestro is finding that World Cup soccer is testing his allegiances: true blue or blue? 'ITALY did cheat a little bit, but . . . " Sisto Malaspina slowly composes a shrug that begins at the shoulders and ends with both brows cocked somewhere on the blithely resigned side of apology. The glass of crema freckled black coffee is produced for emphasis, the ringed little finger of the right hand extended to offer a final punctuation to an ...

Brow Beat

Sunday July 24, 2005
Face-flattering brows can lift and illuminate, writes Lucinda Mendel, if you follow two easy rules: shape and define.

The Shape Of Brows To Come

Wednesday December 8, 2004
It stares us in the face, this last untamed frontier of beauty: the ubiquitous brow.

Covering The Angles

Thursday September 9, 2004
In many ways, this election campaign will play out in the media much the same as those before it. Expect to see the familiar wrinkled brows of Laurie Oakes, Paul Bongiorno and Kerry O'Brien "reporting from Canberra" and a gaggle of journalists clambering on and off buses and planes trailing the leaders.

Siren Call

Sunday August 1, 2004
Discover the power of your inner screen goddess with a 50s-inspired cherry-red pout, luminous skin and bold brows.

Just Browsing

Sunday May 30, 2004
Forget pencil-thin arches. This winter, elegantly elongated brows top the beauty hit list. Less pain, more impact - what's not to love?


Sunday May 23, 2004
A well-attended brow is a face-flattering look that's always in fashion, writes Lucinda Mendel.

Not The Same Old A-crowd For Turnbull

Thursday January 1, 2004
The Lord Mayor's New Year's Eve bash at the Opera House featured an unusual dress code ``elegant" or ``tropical fantasy" and a door list that also may have caused some furrowed brows.

My First Time - Tania Reece, 29, Sales Manager, Botox

Saturday June 14, 2003
A lifetime of animated smiling, laughing and exaggerated frowning had created a deep furrow between my brows and an extensive network of crevice-like lines surrounding my eyes that were unflattering and ageing.

Little Sweetness And Light At Balmoral

Monday February 17, 2003
In these troubled times, Margot Saville finds some less mortal matters to furrow brows.

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